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DJI E800 Tuned Propulsion System - Tarot 680 Pro Extended


Tarot 650 Sport part 3: Installation of DJI E800


DJI F450XXL mit E800 Motorset erster Flug

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DJI Original E800 Tuned Propulsion System Parts CCW 350KV 3510 Motor for Multirotor

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  • Brand: DJI; Stator size (mm): 35 x 10; KV (rpm/V): 350; Weight (g): 106
  • Proprietary single strand winding technology delivers unmatched consistency and stability
  • Optimized centrifuge pump structure promotes excellent heat management
  • High-quality materials include dust-proof bearings, high-temperature wire coating, and high grade magnets
  • Package included: CW 3510 Motor x 1(propeller is NOT included)